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At A Life Logic, we believe the best way to manage challenging behavioural issues is to attend to a behaviour management counselling session. Behavioural management is often found and required in young children as they grow up. The corrective measures that we implement for such incidents of challenging behaviour will depend on the nature and severity of the situation. Our trained and experienced psychologists will hone in on your behavioural outbursts, giving you a clearer understanding on where certain triggers are occurring from – whether it is from stress or social pressures.

A Life Logic strives to help you every step of the way, providing advice to better cope and improve on handling the situation. It is important to recognise that many skills will take time to develop, and that changes in behaviour require ongoing support to be successful. The information provided in a counselling session is strictly confidential and is only used for the purposes of assessment, diagnosis and treatment. This will then give us the best possible outcome for you and your family as we analyse the problem.

Targeting behavioural issues

When several challenging behaviours exist, we help you establish priorities along with setting up realistic goals. Our plan usually consists of four essential elements:

Clarity – we provide information about the plan after an analysis from your initial sessions, set your expectations, and schedule procedures for you and your family.

Consistency – we speak with you and your family members to ensure everyone is on the same page with the intervention strategies and approaches as discussed.

Simplicity – we make sure the procedures in place to manage behavioural problems are simple and practical. This is to ensure everyone in your family can be successful in helping change your child’s behaviour.

Continuation – even as behaviour improves, we stress the importance of continually helping your child in learning and adapting to the set procedures. Continued support from family members, helps to develop good habits and overcome unexpected outbursts.

Our team understands that sometimes behavioural problems also tie in with anger management issues. If this is a problem that is currently affecting you, speak to a psychologist today about our behaviour management, anger management or child psychology sessions.

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