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Marriage, like all good things, requires work and dedication. But certain factors, such as conflict and abuse, steer us into a marriage that becomes an arduous task. You and your partner deserve everything that a marriage has to offer but through no fault of your own, your marriage can be a whirlwind of emotion and personal strain.

The emotional obstacles one can get in a marriage can often lead to divorce. Based on figures released in 2014 by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of divorces in Australia is decreased by 1,140 (2.4%). It has also stated that a divorce usually takes place in a marriage that lasts for twelve years. Furthermore, approximately one in three first marriages end in divorce and the largest proportion of divorce applications were from joint applicants – about 41.5% of divorces are by mutual agreement. With that in mind, it is imperative that your marriage is to be taken into complete consideration before resulting to this decision.

This is where guidance and counselling comes into play. And with a Brisbane based practise such as A Life Logic, you can expect the type of marriage counselling and couples counselling that can cater to any and all moral quandaries you and your partner are hoping to overcome.

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Our Guidance & counselling will help restore your marriage

What we can provide for you and your partner is supportive and confidential counselling that will ultimately heal the all the wounds that you have sustained in your marriage. We can improve the wellbeing of your marital life, increase the quality of your relationship and reduce conflicts you may be facing to better understand and appreciate your significant other. This expert counselling will be led by one of Brisbane’s leading psychologists, Ruane J Lipke.

Our counsellors will have the advice that caters to you and your partner

Ruane J Lipke is a registered Brisbane psychologist and a member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS). She offers 22 years of experience of counselling and is regarded for her work as a psychologist in both government and private enterprises. Ruane has a Masters in Psychology from Brisbane’s University of Queensland and has worked with Relationships Australia for five years. She has the training and expertise to give the relationship advice you and your partner need to fulfil a healthy and mature marital life.

We believe that the best approach of your marital dilemmas starts with compassion. Our marriage counselling will be about your marriage and nothing else – our goal is to regain control of your relationship. Our program includes a proven range of psychology models and also welcomes you and your partner’s own words and ideas about the relationship. By working together we can create a better marriage that and your partner truly deserve – all from our Brisbane location (or on Skype).

Every couple deserves to the love and compassion they yearn for and nothing less. And A Life Logic will give the guidance and marriage counselling that is unique to you so that your marriage will become the type of relationship you and your partner wish to be.

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