Women’s Therapy

A counselling solution for every experience, background and situation.

Do you suffer from a depressed mood? Or panic attacks brought on by anxiety? Or what about plain old stress? You are not alone. Many Brisbane women like you suffer from these psychological issues. In fact in today’s society they are some of the more common issues facing women’s well-being and can affect regular, well-adjusted people at any point in their lives due to a temporary challenge or for no reason at all.



Women’s counselling at A Life Logic

A Life Logic has implemented successful counselling services that have worked for numerous Brisbane women and aims at improving emotional wellbeing and reducing reoccurrence. In particular, A Life Logic focuses on the following:

  • Counselling for depression

  • Counselling for anxiety and panic attacks

  • Counselling for stress

  • Counselling for phobias

  • Counselling for eating disorders

  • Counselling for parenting issues

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